Exhibitors' Login

As an exhibitor at Infosecurity Denmark and Version2 Data & Cloud Expo you have two login sites, MyExpo and BadgeResult.


MyExpo is where you set up your online campaign for Infosecurity Denmark. MyExpo enables you to efficiently generate online exposure and leads through content marketing before, during and after the event. Everyone who registers as a visitor, gets access to a personal exhibition page, MyExpo, where they can prepare their visit. They can be matched with your organization based on their needs and profile, they can read company profiles and download content (whitepapers, reference cases, business cases, etc.). Information and content which you as an exhibitor can make available for visitors through MyExpo.

Create your online campaign

Your online campaign consists of three components:

1.        Exposure
2.        Lead generation
3.        Active matching with pre-registered visitors.

You can organize and setup your own online campaign through MyExpo. You can do so by logging into the Marqit Client Portal with the user name and password you have received from Marqit. Here you can select the exhibition and fill in or edit the requested information. The requested information includes: address, profile text, links, content (whitepapers, reference cases, videos, etc.) and the visitors match.

As an exhibitor, you get access to all available contact details of people who download your content. It is then up to you to turn these potential customers into valuable prospects.

MyExpo Login


BadgeResult is where you can find your personal registration link, download banners, find you activation codes for the LeadScanner app and order entrance passes for exhibitors and stand building. Learn more about BadgeResult in the Exhibition Guide[LINK], page 18-19.

BadgeResult Login