What can your social media profile reveal about you? The Power of Data Science
on 30 september | 15:30 - 16:15
Large concern by public has emerged recently about social media data can reveal about users. In this talk, some examples are presented of how "public" social media data could be explored with data science to predict users' behaviour, leanings, and personal information. Example studies on stance prediction, demographic prediction, and fake accounts detection are covered in this talk.
Data Science & Management
Privacy, Compliance, Governance & Risk Management
Mr. Walid Magdy
Associate Professor, University of Edinburgh
Walid Magdy is an associate professor at the school of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh (UoE) and a faculty fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Walid is the founder and director of social media analysis and support for humanity (SMASH) in Edinburgh. His main research interests include computational social science, data mining, and natural language processing. He holds his PhD from the School of Computing at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland. He has an extensive industrial background from working earlier for IBM, Microsoft, and QCRI. Walid has over 80 peer-reviewed published articles in top tier conferences and journals. He also has a set of 9 patents filed under his name. Some of his work was featured in popular press, such as CNN, BBC, Washington Post, National Geographic, and MIT Tech reviews.

Personal webpage: http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/wmagdy/
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